For Shannon Mills, connecting with people is her favorite part of photography. A lifelong learner, she delights in meeting new people, exploring new places, and trying new things. She treasures those sacred moments she gets with each client as she shoots lifestyle portraits. Taking a moment to find their beauty, making eye contact and speaking to them about what she sees. When they see in themselves what she sees in them, their smile comes and her camera clicks

Shannon has been shooting professionally for 10 years after apprenticing with a fashion and wedding photographer in Miami Beach. With numerous weddings in 4 states, in addition to many portraits and commercial projects, Shannon has demonstrated how photo shoots are always a story and a visualization of relationships. Her collaborative work with several creatives for Johari Creations, a fair-trade jewelry company based in Miami, is an example of how products, people and their stories come together. Other commercial clients include The Invisible Girl Project, Miami Food Tours, Clay World Art School, The Repurposed Home, and Refugee Hope Partners.

Shannon’s work is also shaped by her life beyond the camera. At their home outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, Shannon and her husband, Brandon enjoy the energy of a house full friends and laughter, the quiet pleasure of a hike in the forest, and rich conversations around the dinner table with their children. Shannon also enjoys the privilege of educating their 4 children at home, nurturing their individual passions and strengths and providing a feast of ideas to feed their minds. 

“Shannon sees extraordinary in ordinary and draws it out magically”